Some Elswords can get a little crazy, and 50% of them are born with a dark side or just plain insane. Out of all of them, Tracer appears to be the darkest.

Born from one of the most darkest female criminals ever, Tracer has some parts of his mother's natural darkness.


Name: Tracer ( Last Name Unknown )

Age: 20

Date of Birth: April 3, ????

Height: 5'9

Weight: ????

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Grayish-Lavender

Eye Color: Dark Pink

Race: Elsword

Allies: Elswords, Archians

Enemies: Elsians, anyone who poses a threat

Aliases: Evil One


There's no telling where he was born, or where he was raised. However, Tracer was raised with extreme abuse, constantly being picked on by his siblings and his mother was trying to make him do what she always told him, believing that Tracer is nothing but a "slave" to her and she has full control over his life. His father was addicted to hitting Tracer over the simplest mistakes. However, his father was the nicest out of all of his relatives.

At some point, Tracer attended 3 elementary schools have being expelled from the first 2 schools because he beat up a teacher and constantly picked on kids. He attended 2 middle schools because he broke the windows and tore someone's locker down and attended only 1 high school. These were all honest mistakes, as these traits were picked up from his abusive parents.


Tracer's not a person to mess around with. He always resorts to extreme violence and that will always result in severe injuries or even death. His fighting abilities proves to be extremely useful as he is impressively skilled with knives, firearms, and melee weapons.

He has shown to be quite skilled in dark technology. He has in own lab in the mountains somewhere, where he creates numerous dark technologic machinery.

Like all Elswords, he skilled at Martial Arts. However, he has proven to be skilled than any other, except for Valeree.


GTA V Dynamic Score - Wanted 7

GTA V Dynamic Score - Wanted 7

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