"You can't even match up to me. You are to weak. I will, if not instantly, destroy you. It will hurt."

-God Of Trouble to his older counterpart before fighting to the death.


Trouble Omega Rig 2

He is the original of all versions of himself. He created the world along with other Admins, mainly creating the monsters and chaos. He had his powers taken away by Wilfur temporarily until he got them back by stealing them (Earning his nickname, "The God Of Trouble"). He used previous creations such as weapons to get his powers back. He, after that, created characters in regret of creating those monsters, but enjoyed seeing those characters die off sometimes. He was entertained to always see them die, sometimes bringing them back to life only to kill them again.

He stopped being so chaotic when he started having feelings for those characters, but knowing them could cause disasterous results. He decided to only allow one of his trusty characters, Harry, to be able to comunicate to him to warn others what not to do.

As part of some sort of collaboration, he signed up to defeat his alternate former self, the ghost version of him. He managed to defeat him, and, along with that, gained the ability to go in a form of "rage mode", somewhat like Aphrions.

He needed help with his characters, and decided to create balancers: Birdyman and Eyebrow Dog, which helped him with his ideas and such. He allowed the Combine Invasion to happen, being the one causing it.


Trouble Omega Rig 4

He is a somewhat mysterious being. He doesnt appear human, and can actually open his mouth as wide as an enderman. He seems to have the ability to surive without the need to breathe. He also has god-like powers, besides the fact he is an "admin". He sometimes eats heads of his enemies for unknown reasons. (Probably as a victory treat.) He has very strong punches but usually prefers ranged attacks.

Theme Song: whitewoods - Beach Walk

Name: "Trouble"

Nickname: Trouble, "God of Trouble".

Age: 24 /  Born: 9 November 1990

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: Icy Heavens, in a nearby house located on a different area of the icy heavens.

Race: God/Admin

Gender: Unknown. (Seemingly male.)

Allies: Birdyman, Eyebrow Dog.

Powers: Teleportation, Regeneration, Creating Illusions, Flying. (Or Hovering).

Family Members: Unknown.

Weapons: Piercing Round Revolver (PRR), Trouspear.

Loves: Unknown.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Second Form

When in his second form, his hair turns orange and turns into what appears to be flames. His hands also start flaming when he is in this form. He has much quicker reflexes and seems to have no emotions when in this state.

He can float, and his weapons also glow orange along with him. His eyes turn yellow and orange, being seperate. Nothing appears to happen with his clothes though, seeming to be comepletley intact.

Pwitty Gun 3D Universe

Ethan Pixel Gun Rig

He is one of the remaining survivors in the game, and cannot keep living under the conditions of the game, with each survivor being hunted down constantly by daters.

He reaches a small rebel base which is about to be attacked. He assists the rebels in escaping the rebel base and they are all (except for one rebel) saved by a rebel helicopter.

They reach the base, but as the daters hear of him being the one rebel that could save all of the survivors, they attack the other rebel base aswell.

Trouble and other survivors manage to escape in helicopter (again) and arrive in a heavily defended base, which is planning to raid a dater base.

Pwitty Gun 3D Universe V2

PG3D Trouble Pic

*No rig as I wanted to make him look like a normal player and not stand out from the rest.

In this version, Trouble is a leader who defeated a fraction of the roleplayers, and as a result they were forced to live in the sandbox.

The sandbox was then formed to be a paradise for them. But the roleplayers weren't satisfied yet, so they took action and tried taking the normal servers back.

Trouble, having defeated them once, tried gathering what was left of the guards who put the roleplayers in their place originally.

Theme Song: 95 Royale - Bend The Rules

Name: "Trouble"

Nickname: Trouble.

Age: 24 /  Born: 9 November 1990

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: The well known "Parkour City".

Race: Player.

Gender: Male.

Allies: The players. (Non-Roleplayers)

Powers: Double Jumping.

Family Members: Unknown.

Weapons: Photon Shotgun, Steampunk Revolver, Ninja Tabi.

Loves: Unknown.

Likes: Winning a match.

Dislikes: Roleplayers on deathmatch servers.