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"Are you out of your mind? You want me to nickname a Pokemon I just met!?"



Tyford, a flighty, laid back Ender, likes to live life to the fullest, taking every moment to try something new. He is very attached to Layla Waylon, thinking of them as sisters at times. His adoptive father, Dr. Ender, is secretly his hero, as he looks up to him, but doesn't know how to show it to him. He loves to be near Masked Stranger, as he feels at home near him. Ty also loves to spend time with variety of friends, making him feel as his life is complete. He tries to forget his past as much as he can, by finding hobbies like drawing, and Pokemon Battling. He wants to be a Pokemon master when he grows up, so he studies hard.


Height: 1.9 blocks

Weight: 78 pounds, due to an eating disorder

Age: 12-14, he has to guess his age, never knowing his birthday

Gender: Male

Species: Enderman [87%], Human [13%]

Orientation: Straight ((He's dating Layla, what else would he be?))

Likes: Anything Pokemon related, Friends, Exploring, learning new things, listening to music, and drawing.

Dislikes: Self-Centered People, Fighting ((He only does it when it's necessary)), and Water.


1. Is able to run at a decent speed, but gets tired fast due to his pearl, which is half gone.

2. He is able to emit light from his hands, which acts as a natural healer to anything, as well as blinding people, but tires him out fast.

3. Finally, he has a way with nature and animals, able to communicate with it, feeling how it feels.