Welcome to my guide! This should help you get started on the wiki, especially if you've never been on a wiki before. Good luck!


First off, to create a page, go into the upper right corner, and click on the "contribute" button, then make a page. You can start off with my presets, like the one for Items and the one for OC's, or you can make your own.

Now that you have a page, you need to fill it with Info. Full names, birthdate and age, allies, weapons, loves, backstory, etc. You can use more than that, but its recomended to use those mainly. Height, weight, and apearrance are optional.


Its also a good idea to add photos so that its easier to know how the character or item looks. If you want, you can even add a video too, showing abilities and such.

If it's not an available option, just describe how the character looks like instead.

And you're done! i hope this helped, good bye!

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