(Note: Mine may appear slightly different.)

So, as you may know, I am the admin of this wiki. I moderate and stuff. One of my jobs is to help any visitors, so i've decided to make this guide on how to create pages, what to use, and minor details. First, to create a page, you need to click "Contribute". After that, an option saying "Add a Page". Example:

Afterwards, you have to name the page. In this case, i'll name it "Example Page".

After that you can simply start adding information, which you can do using some of my premade templates. Once you've added the info, you should start adding photos or videos. There is multiple ways to add photos, which will be shown here.

To start off, you need to click "Insert" in the editor. Then click "Media". A file explorer will show up, so you can either choose a wiki photo or a photo on your computer.

Once you are done, your photo should show up like this:
Ss (2015-11-27 at 01.34.27)

Photo Example.

Once that's finished, you can start adding tags. tags such as "Sexy", "Orgasmic", and others that a similar are not allowed unless it is a joke page. You should only use relevant tags while tagging.

If you still have doubts, visit the Example Page.

Ss (2015-11-27 at 01.35.24)

Tagging example.

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