Uydium (Schism)
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Uydium (pronounced Ye-Di-Em) is a character in the comic Schism, and is also one of the antagonists of the series. He has fought Kai numerous times and is currently hired by the Triquetra corporation to bring him back.


Not much is known about Uydium's life prior to being involved with the Triquetra Corporation. A photo found in someone's basement suggests he was part of Ptero Squad (short for Pterodactyl), a special ops team during the Great War. However, this is all conspiracy theorist speculation.

An old coffee-stained photo of Ptero Squad.

Uydium is currently a gun-for-hire, whose loyalites lie with cash. He rarely (if at all) speaks, and even if he did, his suit includes a voice changer.


Uydium's suit bears a striking resemblance to the IAD Mark II Suits used by Ptero Squad, but he probably just killed one of them and took it. Right?... Seriously, right? The suit he wears is a darker color and has scratched-out ares where the eyes are to intimidate his enemies.


Uydium's customized suit gives him several abilites that exceed those of a normal human being, and his abilites can be considered on par with (if not surpassing) those of Kai

Uydium has mastered a variety of weapons over the years, including (but not limited to):


-Various blade types (Switchblades, Swords, Bayonets, etc.)


His suit includes a HUD with thermal and night vision, as well as built-in magnifiers. Other modules of his suit have not yet been observed.


  • Uydium's name was created by Ayhay (Ayz) during a name/weapon poll on the Mine-imator forums.
  • Uydium's suit design was based off an old drawing Stevepocalyptic had in his basement.
  • That 'found photo' was really fun to make.
  • Uydium's birthday is September 2nd.
  • Uydium's favorite food is unknown, because nobody's ever seen him eat.