Wilrus Smith
Wilrus Smith
Vital statistics
Position Herobrine's henchman
Age 36
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power Strength, Resistance
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
"Hahaha! Yeah... That potion is so great! I feel stronger than ever! For the first time of my life, I finally feel ALIVE!"
~ Wilrus Smith, after his transformation
Wilrus Smith is the secondary antagonist of the comic Herobrine. He is a human-demon hybrid and one of Herobrine's henchmen. He is the twin brother of William Smith and one of the two sons of John Smith.

His theme is Disturbed - Perfect Insanity.

Biography Edit

Past Edit

Wilrus was born in 1524 in Minecraftia along with his twin brother, William. He had a difficult childhood, he was bullied, pushed around and attacked by bullies. In addition, his mother died of illness when he was six and was raised with William by his father alone, an event that affected Wilrus deeply. All of these events led him to become vicious, psychopathic, violent and short-tempered, and he blamed his own family for not helping him enough, despite their efforts to help him.

In 1560, Wilrus and his family moved from the east to the west of the land after bandits raided the area following the murder of Neo Ashi by a mysterious marksman. Now he was living in a blacksmith house in a taiga forest with his father and brother.

Events of Herobrine Edit

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Personality Edit

Wilrus is a very difficult person to deal with: he is vicious, aggressive, rough, vengeful, psychopathic, unpredictable and extremely short-tempered (the opposite of William). He tends to become easily angered and extremely violent, scaring most people he crosses. He shows no respect for other people, including his own family.

Such behavior is caused by his childhood when he was excessively bullied by other people, he blamed his brother and father for not helping him enough.