"Well, to get umbrellas, you need to go down into my gore pit... it used to be my storage room."

-Zack to SnivyBot.



Zack, in his casual clothes.

He was arrested by the G-A due to him still being an outlaw. (Long story.)

Afterwards, he managed to escape the high security prison, due to him being the original designer of the prison cells and recognizing its flaws.

He later became the leader of the ZAF, and the governer of the Gravitarian Islands.


He is the leader of the the ZAF and is usually concerned about the G-A being able to overpower the ZAF.

Theme Song: Noisestorm - Timewarp

Name: "Zack"

Nickname: Zack

Age: 21 / Born: 7 November 1994

Status: Alive.

Orientation: ???

Home: In the ZAF base, in the Gravitarian Islands.

Race: Aphrion

Gender: Male

Powers: Force, and Earth.

Allies: The entire ZAF.

Family Members: Unknown

Weapons: Tesla Rifle, Teleporter, Electrical Wrench.

Loves: ?

Likes: Stuff you should never know.

Dislikes: G-A.